How To Pack Thermal Paper Roll2018-12-29T07:09:39+00:00

Thermal paper has a special chemical surface which can change color when exposed to heat. To protect thermal printer rolls, we offer following packing method.

  1. Loose Packing
  2. Shrink Wrapping
  3. Golden or Silver Foil Packing
  4. OEM Packing
What is Your Minimum Order Quantity2018-12-05T12:31:07+00:00

For importers/distributors who just start the business, we do accept small order to support your business.

Such as 80x80mm, the most popular size used in thermal printers, the minimum order quantity is 5000 rolls(50 Rolls/Carton, 100 cartons). For portable thermal POS roll 57x40mm, the minimum quantity is 20000 rolls(100 Rolls/Carton, 200 cartons). Or we can combine different sizes to reach the minimum order quantity. For other sizes, please contact our sales team. Contact

Why there is minimum order limitation?

We don’t have quantity limitation on production. MOQ is based on consideration for customer cost. For international trade, we deliver most cargo by sea which is the cheapest way to guarantee your profit. Quantity below MOQ will cost much more on shipping and operation process. So MOQ is the balance point which can help supply small order with afforded operation cost.

Note: for lcl (less than container load) shipment, the cargo will be moved for many times. To protect the cartons, we suggest to pack cartons on pallet.

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